Requesting an Academic Record

For Graduates up to and including 1987

Email your transcript request to Denise Boessen at or mail to Law School Registrar, University of Missouri School of Law, 203 Hulston Hall, Columbia, MO 65211. All requests must be submitted in writing to the Law School Registrar. Please include current name and/or name at time of graduation if it has changed, your current contact information including email and phone number, contact information where transcript needs to be sent and your signature for release of document.

Please contact the law school administrative office at 573-882-6487 if you have any questions.

For Graduates 1988 to current

Please visit the University of Missouri Registrar's website for instructions on requesting and ordering a transcript or call the university registrar's transcript and records office at 573-882-8252.

Note: Due to University policy the School of Law cannot provide 'unofficial' transcripts. Nor can the School of Law request transcripts for individuals. The request must come directly from the student/graduate.