2018-2019 Board of Advocates Candidates

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The University of Missouri School of Law Board of Advocates

is pleased to announce its Board Candidates for 2018-2019:


Assistant Judging Directors

Rhett Buchmiller

Anna Wilmesher

Jacqueline Ledezema

Lauren Smith


Assistant Interschool Competition Director

Laura DeDecker


Assistant Finance Director

Zachary Dejoode


Assistant Public Relations Director

Shajiah Jaffri


Assistant Competitive Teams Director

Margarete Lamons


Assistant Negotiation Directors

Zach Robinson

Henry Adams


Assistant Client Counseling Directors

Jennifer Boston


Assistant Mock Trial Director

Tony Ealy Jr.

Koki Sabates


Assistant Mediation Directors

Marie Dutton

Joshua Baumgart


Assistant 1L Moot Court Directors

Donald Quinn

Kevin Bross

Brittany Briggs

Matt Smith

General Candidates

Annabelle Attias

Fernando Solorzano-Bowen

Connor Sosnoff