Candidacy and Membership

The Board of Advocates is comprised of an Executive Board of third year students, and a group of Members and Candidates. Members are third year students and Candidates are second year students. Candidacy is not a prerequisite for membership, and current Candidates must petition for Membership if they want to be considered.

The Petition Process
All interested first and second year law students are invited to petition for candidacy or membership. Petitions will be due in April, shortly after the First Year Moot Court competition.

Petitioning for Candidacy 

Shortly after the First Year Moot Court competition, all current first year students are invited to petition for candidacy. To be eligible, first year students must have a combination of Participation and Administrative points. The number of Candidates is limited to fifteen percent of students in the first year class as of the end of the Fall semester. All petitioners for candidacy are ranked based upon the number of points they have accumulated during the year, and become candidates upon majority vote of the members present. Candidates are asked to volunteer for an Assistant Competition Director position and to assist members with administrative duties.

Petitioning for Membership 

Current second year students may petition for BOA membership. All second year students, including current candidates must petition if they are interested in becoming a BOA member, and candidacy is not a prerequisite for membership. Second year students must satisfy the competition requirement by either competing in the Fall Moot Court Competition or the Mock Trial Competition, or in any other two competitions. In addition, second year students must also earn at least three Administrative Points. The Bylaws limit the number of Members to twenty, and they are selected by majority vote of current Members. Second year students petitioning for membership are also encouraged to apply for Executive Board positions, including Chair, Judging Directors, and Finance Director. More information about these executive positions can be found in the Bylaws and Charter.[/tab]