Point System


Please be aware that you can earn negative points if you sign-up to compete or help BOA for competitions and then fail to do so. For more information on how to avoid this penalty and how to appeal negative points, please refer to Section IV of the Bylaws.
  1. This Point System shall be attached to the Bylaws and is subject to the same rules regarding amendments as apply to the Bylaws.
  2. Competition Points
    1. Competitions Requiring Briefs (Moot Court)
      1. Participation in local competition: 6
      2. Advancement within local competition
        1. Advance to Quarter Finals: 1
        2. Advance to Semi Finals: 2
        3. Finalist in local competition (top 6 in Moot Court): 3
      3. Participation in Regional Competition
        1. Additional Writing Requirement: 6
        2. No Additional Writing Requirement: 3
      4. Participation in National Competition: 3
    2. Competitions Not Requiring Briefs (Mock Trial, Client Counseling, Negotiation, and Mediation Competitions)
      1. Participation in Mock Trial Competition: 5
      2. Participation in Mediation, Client Counseling, or Negotiation: 3
      3. Advancement within Local Competition
        1. Advance to Quarter Finals: 1
        2. Advance to Semi Finals: 2
        3. Finalist in Local Competition: 3
      4. Participation in Regional Competition: 3
      5. Participation in National Competition: 3
    3. First–Year Moot Court
      1. Top 36 Oralist: 2
      2. Top 10 Oralist: 4
  3. Participation Points
    1. Bailiff (Per Round of Competition): 0.5
    2. Witness (Per Round of Competition): 2
    3. Client for Client Counseling (Per Round): 1
    4. Judge for First-Year Moot Court Competition (Per Round): 1
    5. Participation–at–Large *

*Participation-at-Large Points will be awarded in the discretion of the Chair and any Director on whose committee the petitioner or member has served, but not to exceed five points awarded to one individual by any one Director. They are awarded for time and effort spent doing administrative work, for participating on committees, and for any other contributions to the Board of Advocates which should entitle points.