Current Edition

Volume 20, Issue 2, Fall 2014


Missouri River Reservoirs in a Century of Climate Change: National or Local Resource?
John H. Davidson 1

Storage Portfolio Standards: Incentivizing Green Energy Storage
Victoria Johnston 25

Carbon Capture and Storage: How Bad Policy Is By-Passing Environmental Safeguards
Allison Kole 115


Taking on Water: The Supreme Court Rejects a Temporary Flooding Exception to Fifth Amendment
Elizabeth Judy 93

The EPA, Outer Continental Shelf Sources, and Deference Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands
Sarah Melz 151

Discharge of a pollutant: The Clean Water Act definition that has caused MUCH confusion Arsenio L. Mims 179

An Upwind Battle: The EPA Tests the Limits of Its Statutory Authority Again
Elizabeth Moeller 202

A Captive Consumer Paradox: The D.C. Circuit’s Attempt to Bring Symmetry to Clean Air Act Incentives for Cellulosic Biofuel Production
John W. Shikles 231