Student Employment

Student Assistant positions in the Law Library are funded primarily through work study. Contact: Kathy Smith for information about work study funding available for law students who work in the law library.


If you have special needs as identified by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and need assistance with any phase of the application process or need this application provided in an alternative format, please notify the Law Library. Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate your needs.

Personal Information

Are you now or have you ever been employed by the University?   


Were you referred to the Law Library for employment?   

Law library employment is contingent on having work study funding. Do you qualify for work study funding?   

To determine if you qualify for work funding, please check:

  • Law Students: With the Financial Aid Advisor, Jeff Turnbull 110 Hulston Hall
  • Non-Law Students: With the Office of Student Financial Aid, 11 Jesse Hall

Educational Information

Work Experience

May We Contact for References?   

May We Contact for References?   

Have you had experience working in a library?