Law Library Use Policies

The Law Library's primary mission is to support the teaching and research activities of the MU School of Law. The collection is also available to the University community, attorneys, and other persons who have a need for legal materials. Due to limited seating, non-law students may not use the Law Library except when doing legal research.

Beverages, Food, and Tobacco

Food and drinks are allowed! Except when they are not...

Personal Belongings

We know that you live in the library. We see your bunny slippers at your carrel. But be aware...

Use of Library Materials

Do unto others...


Please don't make us shush. We don't like doing it.


For students, the library is open 24 hours a day. For your safety and that of your colleagues (and all of your stuff), please do not allow anyone to follow you into the library after hours without swiping in with their id.

Failure to Adhere to Rules of Conduct

Causing a disturbance or engaging in any behavior that interferes with the quiet and safe enjoyment of the Law Library's facilities and services is prohibited. Proscribed behavior includes (but is not limited to) excessive noise, verbal abuse, threats of violence, or harassment directed at another person on library premises.

Any patron who violates any of the Rules of Conduct is subject to sanctions, including: being asked to leave Law Library premises; being reported to the police; and legal prosecution. Offenders are subject to loss of library privileges and may be in violation of the law school's Honor Code. Failing to pay library fees may result in loss of library privileges.