Hey guys!   This week’s resource comes from NALP-The National Association of Legal Professionals.  If you visit http://www.nalpdirectory.com, you will find The NALP Directory of Legal Employers, which is available for students to search for law firms in just about any city and state.

When the webpage first loaded, it wasn’t very inviting.  I actually thought I had entered the wrong URL because the page did not seem like somewhere a student should be.  Upon searching for employers I found two problems.  The first was that there was no options to search organizations that hire 2Ls, 3Ls or law school graduates.  The second issue was when I entered very specific search option, i.e. employer name, type, city and state all at once, I got no results.  However, if I just entered one of those search options alone, I got results.

Once I had a list of results I could choose to compare or mail merge them.  There was even an option to receive notifications when new employers matching the search were added or updated.  After clicking on an employer’s name, I was given a brief description of the employer, their web address, and additional contact information.  I really liked that there were tabs at the top of each employer’s page so that I could search for more information like practice areas, compensation and benefits, and recruitment and hiring.

In the end, I found this particular resource to be very useful once I was able to find a list of employers I could get information on.  If you have any additional questions on how to best utilize this website, please contact Dean Key or any other career counselors in the Career Development Office.  Until next time colleagues, Happy Job Hunting!