Choosing a career path is important.  Our careers are part of our identity and, in large part, determine our happiness. Indeed, according to a 2007 report from the University of Chicago, people looking for jobs that bring satisfaction and happiness should concentrate on professions that focus primarily on serving other people. 

As law students, you’ve already chosen a career, but you have yet to embark on your path.  You have so many options, all of which involve serving people.  However, the people you serve and the law you practice may affect your happiness and satisfaction with your career.

 With job satisfaction in mind, I chose a career in public service.  Without looking back, I began working at the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in 2007 as an assistant attorney general in the Agriculture & Environment Division. 

After five years, I can still say I am proud to represent the state of Missouri in environmental enforcement actions.   I feel great when I get home from work everyday because I know I am serving Missouri citizens whose daily lives are affected by upstream (or upwind) polluters.  In addition, both Attorneys General Nixon and Koster have afforded me with tremendous opportunities to develop and lead within the office.  Perhaps most notably, General Koster entrusted me with creating a canine cruelty enforcement program from scratch in 2009.

I have never worked anywhere else, so I cannot comment on whether new attorneys who chose different career paths are happy and satisfied with their careers.  I can, however, report with confidence that my colleagues at the Attorney General’s Office are happy and satisfied with their choice to serve the public. 

 With similar confidence, I encourage you to choose a career path in public service.  The work is rewarding and challenging, and you will never find yourself without opportunity.  Consider interning with the Attorney General’s Office over the summer or during the semester to capture some insight into what we do.  And, you may also contact me anytime at with questions or comments.