Googling the Internet you will find a variety of articles on how to write an effective cover letter, or how to network yourself to a job, or how to get the most out of your summer internship, but you will be hard pressed to find an article on how to get the most out of your Career Development Office (CDO).  Yet, the CDO can assist you with all of that and more!

The mission of the office is to assist students in developing the necessary skills to successfully transition into their professional careers.  The staff in the CDO have access to alumni /attorney contacts, firms and agencies that will interest you.  However, they need to know what YOU are interested in to be able to assist you.

To successfully utilize the Career Development Office here are eight important tips for getting the most out of this valuable resource:

  • Visit Room 103  – Finding your way to the office is the first step!  Introduce yourself to the staff, let them know who you are and what interests you.
  •  Attend events – The CDO sponsors countless events, there literally is something for everyone! Take advantage of the opportunity to meet attorneys, learn about different practice areas, and connect with people doing what you hope to do in the very near future.  Attending a workshop that helps you hon your cover letter writing, or job search and interviewing skills can only assist you in being better prepared.
  • Read the emails – If you don’t read the emails, you might miss the event or worse yet, some very important information you need to know.  The CDO targets their emails, sending information geared to the students who have indicated their interested.  In your profile on Symplicity you have the option of marking the practice areas that interests you.  The staff in the CDO uses those practice areas to determine who would like what information.  The office tries hard not to fill your Outlook box with information that does not pertain to you.
  • Use Symplicity – As a student at Mizzou Law, Symplicity is your go to place for announcements, events, internships, jobs, mentors, and general information.  Every student should be logging on weekly if not daily.  If Symplicity is a mystery to you, walk directly to Room 103 and ask one of the staff to assist you!
  • Utilize the CDO Staff – Sending out a resume and cover letter?  Ask a staff member to review it.  Have an interview?  Schedule a mock interview with a staff member.  Need a contact at a specific firm?  Ask a staff member for help.  Whatever your career need, someone in the CDO office is there to assist you.
  • Obtain Reciprocity – So you are interested in practicing in California?  Or maybe Tennessee?  Or really North Dakota sounds great!  The CDO can assist you in soliciting reciprocity from law schools in the state you are interest in, all you need to do is ask!  The office will also assist you with finding out about how to take the bar in another state as well.
  • On Your Side – The CDO is here to help you navigate the job search process, to cheer with you when you find your dream job, and to offer encouragement when that interview you were sure you aced did not lead to a position.  We are here for YOU!  When you have a complaint about the office, please let us know.  Feel free to share with us any ways you think we could better assist you.