Hey guys! Hope you had a restful winter break.  If you have an interest in public interest or policy jobs, take some time out to visit Opportunities in Public Affairs at http://opajobs.com.  This resource has many Capitol Hill Jobs, Legislative jobs, and Public Affairs and PR jobs in the Washington, DC area listed.

There were many jobs listed for interns and some of the jobs were listed in other places throughout the country.  I took the time to click on some of the links on the side of the webpage to check out some of the job postings. The number of jobs listed really depended on the area of  work you were interested in.  What I really enjoyed about this website is that there is an actual link for permanent/entry-level jobs.  So if there are any 3Ls that are interested in public interest work, I would definitely encourage you to check that out.

Opportunities in Public Affairs also offers a free email service for those who would like to get alerts about jobs as they are posted.  Subscription is free and takes just a few seconds to sign-up. Also, if you interested in learning more about how the website works but would rather not subscribe yourself, you can request the MU Law login and password from Linda Lorenz in the CDO.  Lastly, this website offers some additional job resources to subscribers such as a cover letter checklist.  I think that this website can be very useful. If you have any questions about it or any other resources I have blogged about last semester, please feel free to contact Linda Lorenz in the CDO. Until next time colleagues.  Happy Job Hunting and best of luck in the new semester!