You landed an interview for your dream summer position.  You took the time to properly prepare by researching the firm and participating in a mock interview.  You dressed for success and were confident and prepared at the interview.  The next step is the follow up, an important part of the interview process.

Thank you note:

Ideally you want to send a thank you letter or handwritten note card within twenty four hours of the interview.  A thank you email is very easy, but you will stand out if you take the time to write a personal note on a plain note card.

Your note should be brief and succinct.  Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview, express how you enjoyed meeting the other attorneys in the office, and be sure to state your interest in the position while reiterating why you think you are a good fit for the position. 

Don’t rewrite your cover letter but mention that why, after the interview, you feel that this is the position for you.  If you can add a personal touch, that would also be appropriate.  For instance if one of the interviewers was from your same small town, you might add, “It was great to reminisce about Warrensburg.”  At the end of your note, indicate that you would be happy to supply any additional materials if needed.   

Check with References:

It is helpful to contact your references and let them know that you have interviewed and feel the interview went well.  They will then be expecting a call from the firm and will be prepared.  If you noticed a particular skill that seemed important or that you would want the reference to highlight, this is the time to bring it up.  Letting your references know why you are excited about the position and why you believe the job is a good fit will assist your references in tailoring their comments.


If the interviewer gave you an indication of a timeline, wait until that date has passed before making a follow up phone call.  However, if no timeline was given, be sure to be patient.  Waiting two weeks is a good rule of thumb.  When you do call, introduce yourself, and let them know that you are still interested in the position.  Usually the recruiter or interviewer will respond by giving you an indication of their current timeline.

Following Up After OCI:

On-campus interviewing is the exception to the above guidelines.  After an initial 20 or 30 minute screening interview on campus, it is not necessary to send a thank you note.  If you are invited to come to the firm for a call-back interview, you should write thank you notes following your call-back.  If possible, it is a nice touch to write a thank you note to each attorney with whom you met that day, so be mindful of keeping track of their names, even if it means jotting them down in the lobby after you’ve said your good-byes.  If you met with more than 5 attorneys at the call-back, you could instead write a note to one of the senior partners with whom you met, thanking her and asking her to extend your appreciation to the others with whom you met that day.  During OCI, legal recruiters greatly prefer that you address any questions regarding the timeline for call-back interviews, the application process, or any other questions about the position to your Career Development Office rather than contacting them directly.  Once they contact you to invite you for a call-back interview, then you may contact them directly for purposes of scheduling your call-back or asking about their timeline for making offers following the call-backs.