Hey guys! I hope that your semester is off to a good start and that getting back into the routine is coming easy.  This week’s resource is from the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA). This resource is unlike some of the others that I have written about because it does not have jobs listed but I think that anyone who has an interest in criminal prosecution will find it beneficial.

The website describes the NDAA as the oldest and largest professional organization representing criminal prosecutors all over the world.  I believe that this resource could be a great way to find prosecutors located anywhere in the world and make a connection with them.  This resource has a lot of information on it and is worth checking out if this particular area of the law interests you.  I will caution you that the website is a little archaic and sometimes difficult to navigate. Additionally, it would be a great resource for those who end up prosecuting after law school.

If you have the time to look around, please do.  As I previously stated, there are no job listings but it would be very beneficial to anyone interested in the subject.  Until next time, colleagues. Happy Job Hunting!