Hey guys! This week’s resource comes from the blog Ms. JD (http://ms-jd.org/).  Ms. JD is an organization that seeks to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers.  But more importantly, while focusing on improving the experiences of women in the legal profession, Ms. JD also strives to provide better legal services to the colleagues, clients, children, and communities of women lawyers and law students.

What I like about this resource is that it offers advice on a lot of different subjects.  On the website, you will find links to careers, law school, and any other issues that women may encounter in the legal profession.  There are even some scholarship opportunities that are available if you look around the site.  Additionally, Ms. JD offers programs throughout the year that students can participate in without paying any fees. The programs that are offered range in interest so if you think this may be something you are interested in, I encourage you to check them out. Finally, there is a sign-up form for the site.

I know that this particular resource seems to really be strictly for women but there are benefits for everyone.  When you have some time, take a look around the website and check it out for yourself.  Remember if you have any questions about this resource or any of the other resources that have been written about on this blog, just stop by the CDO and talk to any of the directors.  Until next time colleagues. Happy Job Hunting!