Hey Guys! I know you all are tired of the snow, but just in case we have some more snow days you should take the time to check out this week’s resource, the Federal Judicial Center.  Now this resource is typically for those who are looking for judiciary jobs. But I think that it has it benefits for law students who have an interest in the judiciary.

If you have the opportunity to check the website out you will find that it keeps the biographical data of Federal Judges from 1789-Present. I believe the site can be utilized to find judges in districts that you may be interested in working. The biographical information is also useful in determining what interests you may have in common with a particular judge.  Also, I found the links that give descriptions of the various judges to be helpful. If you have an interest in working for a bankruptcy judge, you could read about what bankruptcy judges do so you can make sure to tailor you resume and cover letter to reflect the skills that would be most useful for that judge.

I know that this resource is not be a first choice for some, but I think that it can be utilized in a different way to work for those who have an interest in the judiciary.  Take the time to look at it or any of the other resources I have written about when you have some free time. Until next time, colleagues. Happy Job Hunting.