Hey everyone!  I have recently been exploring this website, www.gogovernment.org, and I think it has some pretty helpful features.  It is great for people who are considering employment with the federal government, but still want to learn more about what kind of jobs are available and how to apply for them. 

On the home page of the site, there are different links for students, veterans, and persons with disabilities.  The “students” link is very helpful and contains information about internships, programs for recent graduates, volunteer programs, and other various resources.

Another feature that was useful was the link for first-time site visitors that lead to a page with general FAQ’s.  These included information about what is necessary in a federal job application, where to find postings for internships, and the components of a federal resume (they are different than resumes for the private sector!).

There are also tabs along that top of the site about working in the federal government, finding the right job for you, and applying for jobs.  These pages give some general information and links for more detailed information.  They are great for exploring federal government employment as in depth or as generalized as you want. 

Overall, this is a great site for people who want to learn more about government employment.  Remember too, that Linda Lorenz in the Career Development Office is a Certified Federal Advisor, so if you are really interested make an appointment with her to get started on a federal job search.

Thanks for reading!