Hi guys! Today I checked out the ReliefWeb site, which is provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. I found a wealth of information for those humanitarians amongst us. I’d like to think we all want to promote human welfare.

The first thing that I looked at on the website was the blog. I would recommend that individuals refer to the blog for more detailed descriptions on accessing and navigating different areas of the website. There are blog posts on jobs, training, tips, and accessing the website via a smart phone.

Under the jobs tab of the website you can conduct pretty narrow and tailored job searches. The jobs listed are within and outside of the legal field. There’s a search bar and option for an advanced search to help you narrow down the plethora of available results.  There are also filters to help tailor a search without searching specific terms. Results can be filtered down to internships and based on years of experience required for candidates, which is really helpful to first and second year law students as well as young lawyers.

There is also a tab for training programs, which include conferences, lectures, and workshops. Live chats are also available under the training tab. Once again there are filters to help narrow the results. Under the training tab, you can filter the results based on the registration deadline. I always love this type of filter because it helps you to not miss something that you’re interested in because of a deadline.

If you find yourself quite interested in ReliefWeb you can subscribe to their email listserv to receive news and updates. Additionally, you can connect on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Overall, I love the user-friendly interface of the site and recommend that everybody check it out. There are numerous job opportunities and training lectures that should fascinate each and every palate.