Hi guys! For those of you who have not used Martindale before an interview, I implore you to try it. Martindale allows you to learn more about specific lawyers and law firms and is run by LexisNexis. There are a couple of different methods that can be used on this site in order to find lawyers and law firms.

It’s generally easiest to start with the search tab at the top of the page if you are looking for a specific lawyer or law firm. The tab looks very similar to the search tab on LexisNexis and is separated into categories. The page will load with the People tab, which will search attorneys. It can be switched to the Law Firm tab to search for firms. If you know any of the attorneys that you will be interviewing for it is wise to look them up and learn a little about them prior to the interview. If you are just looking for an attorney to talk to in general the search box will also allow you to search attorneys based on practice area and geography. The same goes for law firms, you can search by firm name or look for firms in a particular area. Toward the bottom of the homepage there is a box that allows you to browse lawyers and law firms based on practice area or location.

Martindale also has a job search tab. I ran a search for internships and also a search for jobs within a particular law firm. Both searches returned a plethora of results. You may click on any of the results and get listing information such as a job description and requirements. You will also find a link to apply for any jobs found in the search.

Underneath the search bar you will find drop down menus. The Communities drop down tab contains links to different practice areas. These links will take you to top news in the particular practice area chosen. There is also a search tools tab, which will take you to the job listings without having to enter in a search term. However, there are thousands of jobs listed and this may not be the most effective way to look for jobs. The Professional Development tab also has a link that leads to searching for jobs, but allows you to tailor your search. This may be the best place to start a job search on Martindale.

I definitely encourage those looking for legal employment to use Martindale. I strongly suggest those who have interviews lined up to also use Martindale to learn about the firm and lawyers who may be conducting the interview.