It’s Who You Know is a book by Cynthia Chin-Lee, a graduate of Harvard University, about networking. A copy of this book is available in Career Services.

The book is essentially a guide on how to expand personal and business contacts through networking in person and on the Internet. It highlights the importance of networking to open up various opportunities.

The author includes personal stories of how networking has helped her in her own professional career and insight on the ins and outs of networking. She gives ideas on making contacts and shares stories of how she and some of her friends made contacts by reaching out to influencers.

The book outlines key attributes of successful networkers such as persistence, gratitude, goal orientation, and altruism. The author goes into detail on key attributes by describing them and she includes information on how to portray them.

A chapter of the book is dedicated to expanding and tapping into the network that all people already inherently have. This chapter is broken down into five steps with detailed information on how to go about each of the five steps. By mastering this five-step approach, anyone’s network can become one that generates plenty of opportunity.

Another chapter of the book is dedicated to informational interviewing. Informational interviews give the opportunity to learn more about an ideal career, and also may result in leads toward gaining access into that career. The goal of an informational interview is to learn about the profession. This chapter of the book includes information on how to identify people who might be interviewed, how to reach out to those people, and the type of insight that should be garnered through that meeting.

There is also information in this book on how to network via the Internet. The Internet offers a global reach to networking and is a great addition to networking. The author gives tips on creating a professional webpage, how to reach out to people using email, and job searching via the Internet.

This is an excellent resource and I would definitely recommend. Networking is such an imperative aspect of entering into a successful career, and it is also one that sometimes causes unease. This book will definitely help to build confidence in tapping into your network.