This past summer, I had the opportunity to serve as a law intern to the Honorable Paul C. Wilson of the Missouri Supreme Court. My experience there was one of the most dynamic learning experiences that I have ever encountered. Judge Wilson was just appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court in December of 2012. He is brilliant and I am quite honored to have worked for him. I started off doing some simple conference work, writing memo’s in response to writ petitions. In my position, I rarely encountered an area of the law that I had much knowledge of. I essentially became a mini expert in whatever area of the law the petitions covered by doing legal research in order to write the memoranda.
Progressively, I was entrusted with more complex issues and expanded to transfers and motions. Judge Wilson was extremely good at invoking thought and teaching me to be self sufficient and confident in my work. Discussing cases with him helped me to figure things out and understand different aspects of the law in a much more enlightened manner.
My experience was instrumental in solidifying my teenage desire of becoming a judge. Furthermore, it helped to boost my confidence in my legal research and writing skills because Judge Wilson often gave me positive feedback and constructive criticism. Overall, my experience was great. The full-time law clerks were very inclusive and helpful. All of the judge’s were very nice and showed a genuine interest in meeting the interns. I would strongly encourage all law students and recent law graduates to apply to work for a judge. It was truly an unparalleled experience.