I had the privilege of working at the Missouri Gaming Commission during my fall semester as part of Mizzou’s externship program.  During my semester there, I met almost every staff member and learned about what role he or she plays at the Commission. I got a full picture of what the Commission does behind the scenes and how they enforce Missouri’s gaming laws.  Due to the nature of my work, I was also exposed to the laws of other states and people who worked at the commissions in those states.  I had the chance to sharpen my research and writing skills and practice communicating with other professionals through both telephone and email. I enjoyed my time at the Commission and found the individuals that work at the Commission really believe in what they are trying to accomplish; they are constantly trying to find ways to bring a better gaming environment to Missouri.

            The Gaming Commission is comprised of about 40 on-site people who perform a multitude of tasks.  They also work in tandem with Missouri State Highway Patrol officers. For the size of the Commission, there is no task too large or too small. I noticed how well everyone works together to get a project done, and I was fascinated to see how the supervisors at the Commission really worked side by side with their employees. I have never seen how a government agency operates before, so it was interesting to learn that the Commission is in charge of developing, regulating, and enforcing the gaming laws of Missouri.  They also decide and enforce punishments against casinos that fail to follow the laws. Finally, the Commission is in charge of Missouri’s List of Disassociated Persons.  

             My externship has been a valuable part of my law school experience. It has taught me how to apply what I’ve learned in class to real-world scenarios, and has provided me the opportunity to learn from and work with some exceptional trial attorneys and legal minds, to gain practical experience in the courtroom, and to build my professional network. My placement offered a tremendous opportunity to learn about State government’s role in protecting gamblers. I truly enjoyed learning and working with a supervisor who not only welcomed my contribution but also encouraged me to learn. My experience as an extern has been invaluable. I feel fortunate to have been a part of this program knowing the skills, knowledge, and connections I have acquired will serve me well as I begin my career as an attorney.