Hello fellow gladiators! Today I’ve been browsing the Alliance for Justice (AFJ) website, and came across a lot of cool things that I’d like to share. Alliance for Justice is an association that combines multiple organizations in furtherance of the common goal of advancing justice and democracy. Some of the key issues addressed by AFJ are judicial selection and access to justice. This website will likely be useful to expand knowledge on the justice system and of course in enhancing your job search.

The homepage showcases an array of recent news concerning the judiciary and rights of the people. This would be an excellent place to start in just keeping up with what is going on in our nation concerning controversial aspects of the legal system.  It also showcases the ongoing work of AFJ in their plight to rectify issues within our legal system. Towards the bottom right corner of the homepage there is a place to sign up to receive emails from AFJ concerning Justice and Advocacy Programs. There is also generally a featured resource highlighted on the homepage along with a list of upcoming events.

Alliance for Justice also has a blog that can be clicked on from the homepage. Several articles and issues are posted about various aspects of the law. The blog is neatly archived and past articles can be searched easily.  One of the coolest aspects of the website is the multimedia tab. Here films and videos are posted. Additionally, AFJ analyzes key Supreme Court decisions and the audio from the analysis is also found under Multimedia.

At the top left of the website there is a dropdown menu entitled “About AFJ.” In this dropdown menu is where you will click to find jobs. Here there is a list of jobs and internships for AFJ.  Additionally, there is a link that you can click to get to the member organizations pages where more listings may be available. There are currently quite a few listings, and I would strongly recommend checking them out.