As I started the task of revamping my resume last year, I realized that practical legal experience was something that I was lacking. It was this realization that I needed more practical experience that prompted me to consider the various clinics and practicums that MU Law offers. After considering what skills I hoped to develop and what interests I have, I decided to apply for the Landlord/Tenant Practicum that is offered in conjunction with Mid-Missouri Legal Services. I was drawn to the Practicum in part because I knew that I would have the opportunity to work on clients’ cases from start to finish, and in part because I knew I would have the opportunity to help meet the legal needs of a client population that is largely underserved.

It has now been a year since I applied for the Landlord/Tenant Practicum and practical legal experience is proudly displayed on my resume. I can now list among my experiences that I have counseled clients, negotiated contracts, negotiated settlements, represented clients at administrative hearings, represented clients at court appearances, and represented clients at trial. These are all practical skills and experiences that likely would have been missing from my law school experience had I not applied for a practicum.

In taking advantage of one of the practical opportunities MU Law provides, I have gained not only skills that will help me in my career search, but I have also gained confidence. I am confident that I can provide quality representation to clients, and I am confident that being a lawyer is a career that I will enjoy and find fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to work with an encouraging and supportive supervising attorney, I have helped clients achieve positive outcomes, and I have gained practical knowledge and skills. I recommend that all students consider whether one of the clinics or practicums could help provide the law school experience they hope to have.