If you are interested in a career as corporate counsel, you should visit www.acc.com, which is the website for the Association of Corporate Counsel.

One the home page of the website there are six main tabs that you can enter with varying information.  The first tab is titled “Resources” and allows you to search by resource types and practice areas.  They also have resource portal s for Contacts, Compliance, Surveys and Member to Member portals with a wealth of information.

The second tab “Education” lists all of the educational opportunities they provide such as their annual meeting, in-person education, online education and information about the education they provide– which is world wide.

The third tab “Membership” identifies how you would become a member of their organization as well as how to login to your specific membership.  There are various types of memberships and if you want specific information, you should click on the FAQS section, which answers numerous questions.   There is also a list of the benefits of membership you could receive.

The fourth tab “ACC Docket” is where their online magazine, online exclusives and video archive are located.  You can view the magazine in print or digitally and have access to back issues.

The fifth tab “Advocacy” lists the different policy initiatives the ACC is working on and is also where you can request advocacy support from the group for an initiative of your own.  You can also review the Legal Strategies Blog or see which suits ACC files amicus briefs in.

The sixth and final tab is “Careers” where you can find look for a job and post your resume, or if you are an employer, post a job.  There are also numerous career resources that you can download in .pdf format for easy review.

Overall, if you are interested in careers as in-house counsel, you should absolutely check out this website for career listings and online resources.