If you will be practicing law in and around the Springfield, Missouri area, you should not only be a member of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, but you should also be familiar with their website, www.springfieldbar.com.

On the Home page,  You can find quick links to employment listings, latest news and a calendar of upcoming events for your immediate need.

From the home page, you can access 6 separate pages: About Us, Members, News & Publications, Find a  Lawyer, Sponsors & Vendors, and Foundation.  Further, you can sign in to the members only portal and join the bar.

The About Us section of the website gives a short history of the local bar and links to various writings by different members of the bar for a historical perspective.  Further, you can find a message from the Executive Director and a listing of the current staff.

In the Member Section, you can find a listing of all of the Member Services and Benefits, such as discounts, but also the ability to join committees and sections, invitations to the bar events and access to the publications. Further, you can join the online Referral Service, whereby, for a fee, the bar will refer business to you.

In the News & Publications section, you have access to the Bar Directory, the weekly e-newsletter titled the SMBA Bar Bell, as well as listings of awards and member distinctions. In the Find a Lawyer section, you can search under categories of law to find a lawyer that is part of the referral service, who practices in the area that you are needing.  The Sponsorship & Vendor section provides information on how to become a sponsor of the bar and how to advertise in the various newsletters and mailings.

Finally, the Foundation section, discusses the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Foundation, which is the charitable and educational organization committed to improving the legal profession and to bettering the community through service, education and volunteerism.  You can find further information on some of the projects the foundation is part of and donate to the foundation as well.

Overall, the website is fairly informative regarding the bars functions and provides special access for its members.  Should you find yourself practicing in this geographical area, it would be a great benefit to visit this site in advance.