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Guest Blogger

Spotlight on the Profession: Blair Bopp (3L)

Hello, and welcome to the Mizzou Law Career Development blog! My name is Blair Bopp, and I am currently in my third and final year of law school. For this post, I have chosen to discuss law school success from my perspective. Of course, experiences vary from person to person, and this is simply my  Continue Reading »

Uncategorized: Financial Behavior– It Does Make a Difference

By Jeff Turnbull Ask yourself; am I aware of my financial behavior?  Do I become frustrated from the consequences of my financial choices?  Do I continue the same financial behavior and expect different results? The first step in taking control of your financial life is to begin thinking about what you are doing financially.  In  Continue Reading »

Spotlight on the Profession: Alternative Career: Professor and Policy Researcher

Spotlight on Pro Bono: Spring Break Pro Bono Estate Planning Trip to Salem, Missouri

Student View: Jamie Myers, ’15

As I started the task of revamping my resume last year, I realized that practical legal experience was something that I was lacking. It was this realization that I needed more practical experience that prompted me to consider the various clinics and practicums that MU Law offers. After considering what skills I hoped to develop  Continue Reading »