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Career 411

Etiquette of Business Cards

As you prepare for your summer job or permanent employment after graduation, the use and etiquette of business cards becomes important.  Exchanging business cards with attorneys you meet in professional or social settings is a great way to interact and continue to connect. The Career Development Office has a template on the computer in the Resource Room that  Continue Reading »

Telephone Etiquette

In the age of email, text, LinkedIn, and Facebook, the art of a simple telephone conversation is becoming lost in the mix.  In my short time at Mizzou Law, I am continually amazed at how little students, staff, and faculty use the telephone.  With few exceptions, most of the phone calls to and from my  Continue Reading »

Application and Interview Tips

Welcome back! My name is Anna Lloyd, and I have recently joined the Career Development Office. Previously, I managed recruiting and diversity programs at Stinson Leonard Street LLP, a law firm of about 500 attorneys. With the fall recruiting season starting, I thought I would share application and interview tips for applying for summer associate  Continue Reading »

How to Succeed in You Summer Job!

Alright… you have revised your cover letter; updated your resume; rocked your interview and landed your dream summer job. WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!  If you want to impress your bosses this summer, follow these rules. 1. BE ON TIME (OR EARLY).  Always be on time for your summer job, even if your boss or  Continue Reading »

Attend the 2015 Solo and Small Firm Conference for FREE

The Missouri Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Conference is taking place June 11-13 at the Branson Convention Center and you have a chance to attend for FREE!!!  This event is a wonderful opportunity to gain some practical skills by attending Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses in various areas, to network with practitioners and judges  Continue Reading »

How to Prepare for an Interview

You applied for a position and have received the wonderful news that you have been selected to interview… NOW WHAT?!?!?!?!?! In order to ace your interview, follow these steps to prepare for any interview you may have. KNOW YOURSELF What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How do your skills and experiences relate the  Continue Reading »

You should consider interning for a Judge…. Seriously, its the best!

We find ourselves in the beginning of April, with approximately 4 weeks to go until final exams.  If you have yet to secure a placement for this summer… DO NOT FREAK OUT…. there is still plenty of time and plenty of opportunities for you.  One of the best summer positions you can have, is one  Continue Reading »