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Spotlight on the Profession

Blair Bopp (3L)

Hello, and welcome to the Mizzou Law Career Development blog! My name is Blair Bopp, and I am currently in my third and final year of law school. For this post, I have chosen to discuss law school success from my perspective. Of course, experiences vary from person to person, and this is simply my  Continue Reading »

16th Circuit Court Law Clerk

The 16th Circuit Court in the State of Missouri is unique in that, to my knowledge, it is the only circuit court in Missouri that employs attorneys as law clerks for each of the circuit and associate circuit judges, as well as two family court commissioners. I was lucky to be able to serve as  Continue Reading »

Guardian ad Litem

By: Jennifer Riedy If you have taken a family law class or were involved in the family violence clinic, you probably have some familiarity with the role of a guardian ad litem (GAL).  A GAL is primarily used in family court and can be appointed in numerous types of cases, including, but not limited to:  Continue Reading »

Alternative Career: Professor and Policy Researcher

Education Law

by Veralene Campfield  I’m a senior staff attorney at the Missouri State Teachers (no apostrophe) Association (MSTA) and I have been asked to write a little blog on careers and opportunities for people who are interested in education law. I had a rather extensive career in California in environmental law and litigation. It never occurred  Continue Reading »

Corporate Law

It is often difficult to visualize what a corporate attorney does.  Corporate attorneys are not generally featured in movies or on television, where the focus is most often on litigation and courtroom dramas.  Instead, corporate attorneys work in the realm of deals, contracts and board room spectacles.   A general corporate practice involves advising business on  Continue Reading »

Transactional Law

By Mitchell Kempker ’07 I never wanted to be a lawyer.  During my childhood, my mom worked for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.  I saw lawyers sitting in offices and drafting briefs all day.  It looked miserable.  (Although my best law school grade was the appellate brief, I was right.  It was miserable.)  So when  Continue Reading »