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Lawyer’s Survival Guide to Working at a Law Firm

The Lawyer’s Guide to Balancing Life and Work

The Lawyer’s Guide to Balancing Life and Work, by George W. Kaufman, is a resource that provides law students and attorneys with advice for making the most out of one’s legal career without completely sacrificing his or her personal life. Through a series of personal anecdotes, famous quotes, practical advice, and thought exercises, the author  Continue Reading »

Working as a Freelance Attorney

In The Independence Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Attorney, Marina Modlin offers firsthand advice on making a temporary or permanent career out of performing legal services for other lawyers and firms. In Part One, the author gives a general introduction to the world of freelance legal work and how her business model varies  Continue Reading »

Establishing a Law Practice in a Small Town or Rural Area

Becoming a Rural Lawyer: A Personal Guide to Establishing a Small Town Practice, authored by Bruce Cameron and available in the Career Development Office, is a book that offers advice about establishing and operating a firm in a small town. The resource is broken up into four sections, and each one discusses a different aspect  Continue Reading »

Making the Right Moves for Successful Job Searches and Career Development

The Right Moves: Job Search and Career Development Strategies for Lawyers, produced by the National Association for Law Placement and authored by Valerie Fontaine, is a resource that provides a wide range of job-search and job-application advice to law students and attorneys. A copy of this resource is available in the Career Development Office. The  Continue Reading »

How to “Maximize Your Lawyer Potential”

So many factors contribute to the success of a lawyer beyond what law students learn in school.  Maximize Your Lawyer Potential, by Amee R. McKim, focuses on what the author designates as “soft” lawyering skills.  These are abilities that are not as easily measured as grades and journal participation.  Though soft skills are not typically  Continue Reading »

The Happy Lawyer Handbook

Welcome back everyone! I hope that you all had an opportunity to relax and enjoy Spring Break.  Now that school is back in session, many of you are back to balancing school work and job hunting.  This week’s resource is another book and the title of it is “The Happy Lawyer Handbook” written by Mitchell  Continue Reading »