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Public Interest

Public Interest Law Initiative

The Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) is a great website offering a variety of opportunities for people that are interested in working in public interest.  This organization has several programs that are molded to work well with various points in an attorney’s career. PILI offers internships for law students in Chicago, Peoria, and Champaign, Illinois.   Continue Reading »

Yale Law’s Public Interest Fellowships Booklet

Public Interest Fellowships are a great job opportunity that I did not previously know much about.  Yale’s Public Interest Fellowships booklet is a great resource to explain what the different types of fellowships are, how to find the right fellowship, and how to complete a fellowship application. There are several different types of fellowships that  Continue Reading »

National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA)

Greetings friends and colleagues! I’m back once again to share my thoughts after browsing the website for the National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA). It’s not the easiest website to navigate, but is packed with tons of useful information. The home page has a couple of videos that give a little insight into NLADA’s  Continue Reading »

ABA Division for Public Services

By Alesha Williams Hi friends and colleagues! I’ve been navigating an excellent ABA resource online within the Division for Public Services. I’ll provide a link for you all to check it out at the bottom of the page. A lot of times we don’t gage the vast options within public service; however, there’s a committee  Continue Reading »

Opportunities in Public Affairs

Hey guys! Hope you had a restful winter break.  If you have an interest in public interest or policy jobs, take some time out to visit Opportunities in Public Affairs at  This resource has many Capitol Hill Jobs, Legislative jobs, and Public Affairs and PR jobs in the Washington, DC area listed. There were many jobs listed for  Continue Reading »

Lauren Collins ’13

This summer I had the opportunity to work in the Miami-Dade County Public Defenders Office.  This opportunity was exciting because I had the chance to learn about an area of law I never considered practicing and I would be doing it in a city where I had no contacts.  My purpose for working in Miami  Continue Reading »

Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)

In honor of National Celebrate Pro Bono Week, October 21 -27, I wanted to write about Illinois’ Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI), an organization based in Chicago that is celebrating its 35th year of work for the public sector.  PILI’s mission is to cultivate a lifelong commitment to public interest, a goal it accomplishes by creating opportunities for  Continue Reading »