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Solo Practioner

February 24 – 28

Hello Mizzou Law!  This is the week of the annual Small Firm and Public Interest Expo.  Monday thru Thursday from noon to 2:00 pm, there will be a table down in the Fireside Lounge where you can register to attend the Expo, or you can register yourself on Symplicity – your choice! If you have never attended  Continue Reading »

Establishing a Law Practice in a Small Town or Rural Area

Becoming a Rural Lawyer: A Personal Guide to Establishing a Small Town Practice, authored by Bruce Cameron and available in the Career Development Office, is a book that offers advice about establishing and operating a firm in a small town. The resource is broken up into four sections, and each one discusses a different aspect  Continue Reading »

Three Easy To Do’s for Those Looking to Hang Their Own Shingle or Build Contacts

By Nick Richardson ’03  Hanging my own shingle was always a long-term goal of mine, but not one I was planning on for 2009 or after five years of practice. But after being laid off, I struggled to find another firm looking to add to their payroll during the financial meltdown and realized the opportunity  Continue Reading »

How to Succeed in Private Practice, Tip #3

Robert Harry ’09, In-House Counsel for Veterans United Home Loans

The Law School (graciously) granted me a J.D. in May 2009 amid, what was described to me, as the worst legal job market in fifty years.  Rather than spend the summer searching frantically for a job, I focused on the Missouri Bar exam. I passed and the State of Missouri (also graciously) conferred a license  Continue Reading »