Professor Filbert attends the NOVA Conference

March 27, 2019

Last week, Professor Filbert attended the NOVA (National Organization of Veterans Advocates) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The bi-annual NOVA conference is attended by veterans law attorneys and advocates from across the country.  Presenters included some of the most accomplished and experienced veterans law practitioners in the United States.  One of the primary focuses of the conference was the new Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act, which went into effect last month. 

Professor Filbert’s takeaway was, “there is still a lot to be figured out – how the new act is going to actually work in the real world.” He explained that the best part of being at the NOVA conference was participating in the multiple discussions about what the new law is, how it works, and then how to implement the best decisions as a practitioner in veterans law.

Leaving the conference, Professor Filbert felt inspired. He stated that “the biggest thing that we need to do is to effectively integrate the Appeals Modernization Act into our own practice here in the Veterans Clinic, and also into the training we provide to the law students and lawyers.”

The Veterans Clinic will be incorporating the intricacies of the new law into upcoming CLEs, including programs set for May 1 in Kansas City (at the WWI Museum) and May 3 in Springfield (at the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association).